China Arshine Ornamental Fences Factory

We supply all kinds of ornamental fencing system.

Our management concept is to produce high quality fencing products by using advanced technology. Besides fencing panels made of good quality wrought iron, aluminum and other metal materials, we also supply fence gates, posts and various accessories to form a complete ornamental fencing system. We have specialized technical personnel who have great skill and we are exporting to the USA, UK, Australia, Italy and other countries.



Ornamental Fencing Panels:
Materials mainly come from wrought iron, aluminum and steel....


Fencing Parts & Services:
We provide ornamental fencing posts, gates and other fittings.

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China Arshine Ornamental Fences Factory is a professional factory producing ornamental fencing and parts. Founded in 1995, we provide: ornamental fences, ornamental fencing, ornamental steel fencing, ornamental aluminum fences, ornamental fencing panels, ornamental fencing parts, decorative fences, metal fencing, steel fencing, picket fencing, palisade fencing, safety fencing, sports fencing, chain link fencing, iron ornamental fence and various metal fences.

Our Benefits

With good quality metal fences supplied at reasonable price, we have exported to the USA, the UK, Southeast Asia countries, Singapore, South Korea and other countries. We aim at supplying quality ornamental fencing products and satisfactory services to worldwide customers. As experienced manufacturer of aluminum fences and steel fences for decoration, we are in a position to provide guaranteed quality products, competitive price and timely delivery. Welcome to contact us.


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